Chiesa dei SS. Giovanni Battista e Paolo
ArchitectsGino Pollini, Luigi Figini

The plot where the Church stands was initially owned by the Municipality. It was sold to the Diocesan Opera for the Preservation and Diffusion of the Faith which, in the person of Monsignor Virginio Rovera, entrusted the design task to Luigi Figini and Gino Pollini. Derived from lengthy research begun in 1960 with the plans for the unbuilt church in a working-class neighborhood in the city of Bergamo, the project developed for the temple to St John and St Paul in North-Est Milan, with plastic values that are reflected not only in the façade but mainly in the articulation of the space. Nevertheless, when entering the church, the first thing that can be noticed is the harmony between the concrete structure and the light coming in from the skylights. From the outer brickwork to the hidden yards full of green, and the surprising harmony between concrete and light, this masterpiece by Figini and Pollini is definitely a worth-visiting Milanese hidden gem.


Architecture, Conservation, and Architectural Anthropology


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