Church of the Intercession of the Holy Mother of God
ArchitectsFyodor Verzhbitsky

The Church of the Intercession of the Holy Mother of God is a Russian Orthodox church built from 1913-16. During this time, the area was under the jurisdiction of the Russian empire and was built to serve the 2nd Caucasian division of the Russian troops which consisted mainly of Cossacks from Kuban and Poltava. It was designed by the Russian architect Fyodor Verzhbitsky with its architecture standard to military churches of the Russian Empire. Apparently, there were more than 60 churches like this built throughout Russian Empire. The layout is relatively simple. There are entrances on every side except for on the wall where the altar is. Different from what we have seen, the orientation of the church is lined up with the direction of the street, although the altar is still the most eastern part of the church. There are two domes. A large one over the main altar and a smaller one over the westernmost entrance. As you can see, the entire church is built from local orange tuff stone. The decorations on the outside have some classical elements such as dentils lining the perimeter of the roof, rounded arches, and pilasters which give the illusion of columns. Above each pilaster, on the wall facing the main street, you can see a painting of a saint. Above the main entrance, there is a trio of paintings with the Virgin Mary at the top. The main prayer hall is large and simple with not many architectural elements visible. The altar area is stunning with a beautiful iconostasis made from white marble. It is definitely a lot different from all the Armenian churches we have been visiting!


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