How Eteri Gugushvili and Dodo Aleksidze fixed a mess.

A story about how Georgy (Garik) Khachaturov, Sergei's nephew, was admitted to the Theatrical Institute. On multiple occasions Garik mentioned about his desire to become an actor, to which Sergey declared (more than once in my presence) that the son of a barber could only be a barber, at best a ladies' hairdresser. Nevertheless, Sergei approached Eteri Gugushvili and Dodo Aleksidze, the heads of the admission committee to secure a spot for Garik. They couldn't refuse Paradjanov, but Garik's surname - Khachaturov - didn't register with them. They just remembered that it was different from Parajanov's. Unfortunately, on the day of the exam, another Armenian applicant with the same name entered the room first. Examiners naturally accept him for Parajanov's nephew, and, despite his blatant mediocrity, reluctantly, give him a good grade. Later in the same day, Garik Khachaturov, quite talented from birth and, also, influenced by his uncle, did a great job reading poetry, improvising, in short, shined, but ... received an unsatisfactory grade. In the evening, Eteri called Dodo and said: “Dodo! Listen! We're dead! We accepted the wrong one!" There was nothing else to do, but add an additional exam. Garik passed it successfully, and the other guy was expelled at the end of the semester for poor progress.




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