Kosh Khachkar

The Kosh Khachkar monument is around 7 meters (23 ft) high and was built in 1194 by the priest of St. Stepanos Church, Father Petros Akanates. It is dedicated to the liberation of Aragatsotn and the surrounding areas from the Seljuk Turks by the brothers Zakare & Ivane Zakaryan with a joint Armenian-Georgian army. The Khachkar is made of a light orange tuff stone and is decorated with mostly geometric and floral patterns. At the bottom, there is a circular rosette which is a common motif. Unfortunately, the face of the khachkar is worn. On the pedestal below the khachkar there is an inscription that explains that in a vision 20 years before, in 1175, Father Petros had seen the liberation of Aragatsotn. And 20 years later the prophecy did in fact come true. So, besides the khachkar celebrating liberation, it also celebrates the correct prophecy. The inscription also mentions that "the sun went down and shook the earth the following year." A year later in 1176, an earthquake did occur as well as a total solar eclipse. The earthquake damaged many buildings in the surrounding areas. The location of this khachkar is also notable. It is south of the village along the Yerevan-Gyumri highway. This highway marks the same path that in ancient times connected the ancient Armenian cities of Dvin and Ani!


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