La Amistad International Park

The La Amistad International Park, formerly known as the La Amistad National Park, is an internationally shared protected area split between Costa Rica and Panama. This Transboundary Protected Area is renowned for its extraordinary biodiversity and endemism, and is the largest nature reserve in Central America. It is made up of the Caribbean La Amistad and Pacific La Amistad Conservation Areas, encompassing 401,000 hectares of tropical forest, including the highest point in Costa Rica, Cerro Chirripó. It was recognized for its strategic position within the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, and was subsequently made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. As well as its incredible wildlife, the park is inhabited by three indigenous tribes - the Naso, Bribri, and Ngöbe-Buglé. The La Amistad International Park's buffer zone includes coffee and beef producers and indigenous subsistence farmers, and is an invaluable resource for bioregional planning.


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