Santuário do Bom Jesus de Matosinhos

The 18th-century Sanctuary of Bom Jesus de Matosinhos in Congonhas, Minas Gerais, Brazil is an impressive Roman Catholic basilica with a Baroque style exterior and Rococo-inspired interior. Ascending the grand stairway outside, visitors can take in the numerous sculptures of the Old Testament Prophets. Inside the seven side chapels of the basilica, masterpieces of Baroque art crafted by Aleijadinho and his assistants can be seen, each depicting a Station of the Cross. This important historic and artistic site was listed by the National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN) in 1939, and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. The sanctuary is situated atop the Morro do Maranhão, part of the Serra do Ouro Branco, and is reached by the cobbled streets of the historic center of Congonhas.


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