St. Gevorg Church

The St. Gevorg Church is a ruined 7th-century Church located in the northwest of the village of Argel in the Kotayk region. It is on the edge of the Hrazdan river gorge. The church is a simple one-nave hall design that goes from east to west. The apse of the church is on the east side but no longer intact. Less than half of that wall remains. There would have been a single entrance from the south. The walls of the church are built from rough-worked basalt stone with lime mortar. And on the outside, there are polished tuff stones. The church does not have many decorations. The only intact window on the northern wall is minimally decorated. There is also a very small remnant of decoration on the eastern wall. On the ground around the church if you look around you can find remnants of other decorations that used to be on the church. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there are any restoration or preservation efforts underway for this site. Lining directly around the outside of the foundation there are several gravestones. There might have been graves that circled the entire church at one point or maybe they are under the dirt now. Also of interest is the stepped foundation around what would have been the southern wall of the apse. What is interesting is that this stepped foundation doesn't go all the way around. It is only on the southeast corner of the church. Maybe it would have existed on the western side of the southern wall as well to look symmetrical. Either way, another interesting ruin to take a look at! Also at the site, there is a massive modern khachkar.


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