St. Grigor Lusavorich Church

Located on the northern edge of Ohanavan village directly between the famous Hovhannavank and Saghmosavank Monasteries you will find the ruins of the 12th century St. Grigor Lusavorich Church and a 1st-2nd BC century fortification. Perched beautifully on the edge of the Kasakh river gorge and with a perfect view of Mount Ara in the background, you will not be disappointed! The church is a single nave vaulted hall built from red and black tuff with an apse on the east. The apse has one window in the middle and is included in the rectangle of the outer walls so from the outside the building is completely rectangular. Similar to Karenis Monastery, but 500 years more recent. The western side of the church is mostly ruined but there may have been an entrance from there. It is amazing that the rest of the church hasn't collapsed. Attached to the southern wall there is the ruin of an entry hall or gavit. It has a door to the west which is decorated with an Islamic-style arch above it. Not much remains of the structure but the walls which are around 2.5 meters high. The exterior of the eastern wall is the most decorated. Above the lone window of the apse, there is an interesting cross made out of five squares each containing two crosses. There are also crosses carved into many of the stones of the wall. The inside is mostly bare except for a few little carvings and objects left by locals. The 1st-2nd BC fortification is right next door. It is substantial. The walls are almost 4 meters high in most places. Unfortunately, the inside is empty and filled in. Who knows what ancient artifacts lie beneath the soil$25


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