St. Grigor Lusavorich Church

The 13th-14th century St. Grigor Lusavorich church is surrounded by a cemetery containing both medieval and modern graves. There are some impressive modern khachkars too! The church has a simple single nave plan with a vaulted roof which I believe has been renovated relatively recently. From the south, you will see a large decorated entrance with two narrow windows above. The placement of the windows is interesting as they are not centered. On the top right corner of the southern wall, you can also see a long inscription. The western wall has another entrance to the church. There are some nice cross carvings to the left of the door. Above the door, you can see a small double window and above that, a cross-shaped window. Next to the northern wall there seem to be the foundations of another small building, maybe a side chapel$27 To the east, as usual, is the altar. The outer wall is mostly bare except for a single window. Inside you can see the rounded apse of the church hidden by the exterior straight wall. The interior is relatively undecorated. There are some decorative columns and arches built into the walls. Directly above the western entrance don't miss the decorative vine/flower carving.


Photographer & Historian


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