St. Tadevos Araqyal Church

The St. Tadevos Araqyal church is an interesting little spot that I, unfortunately, was not able to find any information about. After parking in front of a house, we walked on a little grass path that ended up in a clearing. There were the remnants of some gravestones and at the far end the ruin of the church. It seems like the only remaining portion is of the apse which would have been the eastern wall of the church. In the center of the field, you can see an indentation or outline of where the rest of the church would have been. Maybe a single nave hall design$26 Not really sure. Above the apse, you can see a precariously perched cupola that doesn't seem as old as the rest of the ruin. On the backside of the apse, you can see the only remains of the out wall. It is clear that the interior design of the apse was internal to the outer wall like several other churches we have recently visited. Look closely at the exposed area above the outer blocks and you will see something very interesting. Built into the walls of the church there is pottery! At this point, a local whose property was by the churchyard came out and started talking to us. He told us the pottery was to make the acoustics in the church better. But he didn't know much else about the church. He was very excited to have visitors recording the site with a camera because he is afraid the church will soon completely collapse. He said not many people know about it or visit so it is good to increase awareness! This is definitely an interesting place to stop by if you are in the area!

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