Guerrini Accordion Factory

Before 1921, there were many shops in North Beach where work was done, such as tin shops, blacksmiths, laundries, plumbers, carpenters, upholsterers, paint dealers, bicycle repairing, machine shops, electrical supplies, feed mills, undertakers, a crematory, an accordion factory, ravioli factories, macaroni factories, a sausage factory, candy factories, coal and wood dealers. Of course all of these involve storage of materials as well, blurring the lines between shop and store. One notable case of this type was the Guerrini Accordion Factory, established in 1903 and located from about 1915 to 1968 at the southwest corner of Columbus and Broadway 277-79 Columbus Avenue in the top floor loft space of the three-story building (extant). San Francisco was the center of American accordion manufacturing in the early twentieth century. (Layer 2007)



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